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My kids think I am nuts to be listening to such eclectic music, but I can't help it.

Hopefully they might overhear something real and throw out the Brittany Spears CDs!

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A wonderful series done in 2000 by National Public Radio documenting the stories behind 100 of the most important American musical works of the 20th century.

I actually made it a project one long weekend to collect all 100 mentioned works.

Sounds 2002.1
Kid Rock 
what can I say?  his language may be rated r, his look is retro-rock-skuzz - but he pulls it off.  he's sincere, in his 30's, writes and plays all his own stuff.  live performances are total adrenalin from start to the last encore - he just plain rocks!
John Coltrane 
tenor, soprano and alto saxophones, flute - always compellingly passionate and alive.  some of his work are just plain jazz standards.  "giant steps" and "a love supreme" to mention a few.
Liz Phair
ok, another one with an honest mouth, but the sounds are so real, and it is every-day, middle-class, happily-sad songs about love and lust, and all from a girl next door.
  'And I can feel it in my bones
   I'm gonna spend my whole life alone'
The Velvet Underground & Nico (Album)
radical debut album of the group led by Lou Reed and pushed toward fame by pop legend Andy Warhol.  35 years since the release of the first VU  album, and it almost sounds better.  ps. I had to break the black & white barier to display this one in color  :-)
A lifetime of Field Recordings by Alan Lomax
music anthropologist, made it possible for us to understand the earlier pieces of music in our cultures. from early slave songs to eastern european folk, songs, any of his recordings are a must for serious music collectors.
Sounds 2001.2
he is a vegan, and i only eat things that are brown, but diets aside, he might just be the most creative musician to hit the pop charts.  he laces his albums with essays.  his website is a canvas - don't miss his daily, sometimes more than once per day, web log updates
Howlin' Wolf
otherwise known as bull cow, Wolf sang blues and influenced them all - clapton, the stones, led zepplin.  as stated by Sam Phillips when he first heard him "this is for me. this is where the soul of man never dies."  just listen to "spoonful" by willie dixon, performed by the wolf
Jim Morrison & The Doors
ok, so it was a band, but if it weren't for morrison's poetry - american, raw and still sometimes chilling...
  'The sun, an orange skull,
   whispers quietly, becomes an
   island, & is gone.'
Cannonball Adderley
he got miles davis, art blakey, hank jones and sam jones together on one album.  listen to 'autumn leaves' and just think...he is speaking to us through his music
  'I don't think it's necessary to be different 
   so much as to be right. 
To be felt. To be beautiful'
Sounds 2001.1
Red Hot Chili Peppers
introduced to the peppers by my friend lucy while australia in '92, i discovered them late in their career.  but within 6 months my daughter rebecca was singing 'under the bridge' word for word (she was 4).  to hear them live is said to be an unending bash.
Huddy Leadbetter "Lead Belly"
discovered by john lomax (alan's father - see above left) at the infamous angola prison, lead belly became the consummate 12 folk artist influencing and befriending the likes of woody guthrie and pete seeger.   
a project more than a band, the work of composer michael cretu, the rave/trance sounds suck you into the world of enigma.  as cretu said in an interview...
'the central question of our being is not "to be or not to be," but "Why?"'
he's a hip-geek-nerd that writes surreal lyrics, mixes it with funk, rock, rap, alternative, grunge and even acoustics. 
  'I'm a full grown man
   But I'm not afraid to cry'