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"yes, they are real bullets"


Poker Blog
Check Back.  This will be my poker blog once I get the time to implement it.

Under Construction


I haven't seen a poker room or tournament, brick & mortar or online, where there wasn't a thriving community. Poker players are from all different walks of life, and in most cases, damn good people.

- I can probably be found wherever there is a good tournament going on.  My home base is Foxwoods, I also compete online at Ultimatebet, Poker Stars or PartyPoker. 

- Other favorite poker rooms...when I travel out west, which is where my love for poker got started, I prefer Bellagio, Commerce or Bay 101.

- I'm a competitive poker player...I'd much rather play a tournament than sit at a regular money table (live, or ring games).  It's the competition I enjoy, and lately the economics of being a tournament player has become much more profitable thanks increased schedules, payouts and both the WPT & ESPN.

- However, if there is a Pot Limit or No Limit game going on, you might find me sitting with my bullets after a tournament, <--pic to left.  Lately, the Woods has had a great PL game running on weekends and most nights.


Poker Muster
Tournament poker players have three ways to measure their performance:

  First Place - you just can't beat the feeling of accomplishment and pride. 

  Winnings - in the end it is about money. Depending on the size of the tournament, they pay the prize pool out in descending values from first, second and third place down to 10'th or 20'th.  In the larger tournaments, down to  30 or 40 places is not unheard of.

  Final Tables - this shows your "stripes".  Playing the final tables means payouts for a skilled player.  Only one person can win a tournament, but making the final table after beating a field of a couple hundred or more is an accomplishment.

Recent Final Tables
I'll keep the dollars part of this list limited to the total prize pool of the tourney.  Needless to say, in almost all cases, making the final table means you win a decent piece of that pool:

Date Where Type Prize Pool
8/24/03 Ultimatebet $200 NLHE  $25k
8/22/03 Ultimatebet Aruba WPT Satellite NLHE $40k
8/19/03 Foxwoods Weekly $80+R NLHE $44k
8/6/03 Ultimatebet $20+R, NLHE  $25k*
7/25/03 PartyPoker 100+ NLHE $21k
6/23/03 Rainbow, 
Wendover, NV
Weekly, NLHE $6k

* denotes 1'st place