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Clicking on and/or Using these links supports damphousse.org, and the damphousse girl's college fund :-)

Travel Expedia.com - Easiest to use Travel Reservations
Netflix.com - Rent DVDs Online
Audible.com - One monthly fee, audible books on mp3 player
Shopping Amazon.com - Books, Music, Electronics & more
MicroWarehouse - Software, Hardware, everything techy
eBay.com - Auctions
Half.com - owned by eBay, a little of everything (I like the used CDs)
LivLob.com - Lobster Gram, shipped straight from New England
PayPal.com - Send money by Credit Card using email
JohnsonSmith.com - Need a crazy gift? everything from creamed possum to fart machines
Recreation BassPro.com - Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors
GolfServ.com - Tee Times, Articles, Handicap Tracking
PartyPoker.com - Safest, most reputable online poker room 
General Stamps.com - Ship Packages, Envelopes, all from your computer