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I've only been updating my blog lately...
Spending my time working, playing and learning, this site site is my eclectic collection of the arts, sciences, technologies, friends, family, and of course...poker

My favorite picture of the times (usually my family)

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Florida Scenes - Photos from Florida, as we vacation, uploaded in color!

Sounds (all Sounds listings)
My kids think I am nuts to be listening to such eclectic music, but I can't help it.

Kid Rock 
what can I say?  he's sincere, in his 30's, writes and plays all his own stuff - he just plain Rocks!
John Coltrane 
tenor, soprano and alto saxophones, flute - always compellingly passionate and alive...
Liz Phair
ok, another one with an honest mouth, but the 
sounds are so real

The Velvet Underground & Nico (Album)
radical debut album of the group led by Lou Reed and pushed toward fame by pop legend Andy Warhol
A lifetime of Field Recordings by Alan Lomax
 from early slave songs to eastern european folk, this is a must for music collectors.

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Business - Management Consulting
- Being a serial entrepreneur, starting several companies (some making it, some not), I have now dedicated my career to advisory/consultative project roles on marketing projects that meet the following diverse criteria: socially responsible investing, technology and economic futures, product or company launch, growth and branding.  Contact me for more information.

- I may be a marketer, but I also believe in privacy.  The following page is a wonderful page that allows you to opt-out of online advertiser's tracking systems: Network Advertising Initiative

Michael Roger

978.590.7467 office
978.418.0547 eFax

Secure:  pgp@damphousse.org
my public key


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Pages (all Pages listings)
- The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream, by Paulo Coelho.  Recommended to me by my newest friend - Crista!
- Under Fire, the newest from the fine historical fiction writer W.E.B. Griffin (I've read them all)
- Had to finish it in two sittings! Female SOE officer behind the lines in France, preparing for D-Day, Jackdaws is another hit from Ken Follett
- Reading Follett again reminded me to list The Pillars of the Earth, one of my all time favorite fiction books - an epic tale following of a family of cathedral builders during the middle ages
- Known to change people's lives, this spiritual work for all beliefs, Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach
- The No-Spin Zone by Fox's anchor Bill O'Reilly - you don't have to agree with O'Reilly, but you can certainly appreciate his telling of the truth
- Dedicated to my wife's uncle, Andrew Haldane, With The Old Breed, by E.B. Sledge is a true story of Peleliu and Okinawa - the hardcover edition is a great shelf piece

> Help reduce the pile of books that is growing next to my bed by purchasing a couple of them from me on Amazon.com

Past Pages listings

Missive: "No Child Left Behind"
   Why do our children have to be raised in an environment of limited opportunity when they can be shown by example how to find multiple pathways to prosperity?
   I cannot quote the statistics from fifty years ago when my parents were growing up in Lawrence, MA.  The city has been a struggling mill city north of Boston since the textile industry left at the end of the 1800's.  Examine these figures from today relating to the immigrant city :

- 90% of Lawrence residents were born in the US
- 79% of Lawrence's 13,000 students live in poverty  

   These are two facts that are largely overlooked by the surrounding communities.   The economic boom of 90's that allowed a great deal of Massachusetts to prosper, missed Lawrence and other communities like it.  Business and education alike did not prosper there.  How can business, education, and community leaders change that?
   Bush's recent No Child Left Behind act of 2001 provides $26.5 billion in education funding, a $4 billion increase over last year.  Interestingly, this bill was almost unilaterally approved by both parties.  This should be a key indicator that all Americans desire to educate our children today so that they might prosper tomorrow.
   Poverty is not the barrier, but can improve as an outcome.  My family is a living example.  Prosperity for three generations was reached through education, vocation, support  from others, and ongoing commitment.  Many family members have started businesses,  excelled within larger corporations, and served the community.  In most cases, teaching others formally through example and mentorship and giving back to the community.  Much of this was not a result of state and federal budgets alone - nor will it be today.
   Individuals and businesses must co-invest in the future.  Give back to the schools.  Donate computers.  Hire summer interns.  Sponsor community service programs. Teach entrepreneurial skills. 
The workforce of the next economic revolution needs us as businesses and individuals, not just the government mandated and funded programs.  We all share this responsibility.

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New - My Blog
- I have just added a Blog to the site. What is a Blog?  A Blog is a "weB-log". If it is fast "..Blog".  It is basically a web diary or journal

- I like to study History, which includes my family history (genealogy), world history, and biographical history of the people who shaped - or are still shaping - our world:

Johann Gutenberg
The Inventor Of The Printing Press

John Harrison
Developed a time keeper accurate enough to determine tome and thus longitude at sea.

Thomas Jefferson
president, scientist and social leader
Guglielmo Marconi
radio transmission
James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin
The early pioneers of modern  genetics

Tim Berners-Lee

best shampoo for dry hair uk black hairstyles short real hair wigs gypsy diamond hair clips weave on short natural hair human hair wigs primark hair accessories 2018 silk top wigs hair extensions uk
Clearly the inventor of the web

See others at my Great People page . . .
(inspired by Sasha Chislenko)

Don't be afraid to invest
in yourself, or in others...

Buying the books from the links on these pages support Rebecca, Carolyn and Melissa's College Fund - I set them up as an affiliate program to teach them how the web makes money :-)

They then use the money earned to learn about stocks and investing.  Try it with your kids, they'll enjoy it.

College Fund Search:

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Organizations I believe in
- Youth Tech Entrepreneurs
   preparing students for leadership
- Young Entrepreneurs Organization
   entrepreneurs under 40
- Ducks Unlimited
   over 80% of funds raised go into conservation projects








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