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About the damphousse.org Tuition Fund


I have been using the building of various aspects of this site to teach my three girls about the web, e-commerce, etc. 

When we first added the My Links section to the site, I explained to them that "these are affiliate programs. It is how e-commerce sites on the internet market themselves and that they pay money, or commissions, to the people who promote them.

She then asked me "Where does the money goes that you make?"

She stumped me!  At first, I had dreams of thousands of dollars coming in every month to support my techy-gadget-outdoors-hobby-spending habits, but then I realized that this opportunity would be a good addition to the  lesson.  So I told her that " all the funds will go to college tuition for you girls."

So, it has now grown to a full revenue engine that isn't quite generating thousands per month, but is generating a couple of bucks per month ($223 was our highest month to date when I sold a couple expensive books on Amazon).  I am sure it will offset some college expenses, and I am sure it has taught the girls something about technology, economy and savings.


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Rebecca, Carolyn and Melissa thank you! 

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