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Showtime - Dexter on Showtime- Watch The Killer Season of Dexter, only on Showtime, 29 March 2007

Michael C. Hall, David of Six Feet Under, stars in Dexter on Showtime. I'm late to the game, but my buddy Carl recommended I check it out. I found the first two episodes on Showtime's website and I'm hooked! The cleverness of the concept is wonderful. Hall plays Dexter, a blood spatter forensics expert for the Miami police, who has his own form of learning...he is a serial killer. He's not the creepy Firstname "Wayne" Lastname type serial killer though, he only kills bad guys. Check it out.

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Free iTunes Downloads, 24 March 2007
What a greet RSS feed to add to your collection, Free iTunes Downloads is exactly that, posts free media links for iTunes. I'm always game for a free song or two. Nice way to find new artists.

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This Omnivore's Dilemma, 16 March 2007
Having taken my share of carbon from the world and packing it into my sizable body, my brother-in-law Jason recently recommended I read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. To say it may change the way I think about food is an understatement. I am one of those people that takes a hobby or cause to a new level and make the term "type A personality" seem soft, but this is one mission I believe I may make a permanent one. Thanks for the recommendation Jason!

The first section on the book will do two things for you. It will make you never look at food again without seeing an ear of corn, and it may cause you to want to buy stock in ADM (Cargill is private). That said, investing in the problem is not quite the proper solution, so I recommend invest in yourself and the environment by picking up a copy of the book. See what it does for you. My family will never believe it, but I actually bought organic eggs and milk this week!

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Sanjaya Malakar is Benefiting by a Complex System Anomoly, 01 March 2007
I watch American Idol. I'm not ashamed. My daughter Melissa got me into it. But one thing my daughter listens to all week is how I complain about the voting format. The audience is presented with 10 contestants and can vote for their favorites. The dynamic that takes place is unfair. The standout singers get the votes, and the people that did really bad and need to be saved get the votes. The middle ground, those contestants that should survive another week, get lost in the action.

This week was a classic example with girl-boy Sanjaya, who's skills compare to bad gay bar impersonator of Michael Jackson. But he survived. Absurd.

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