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Skinny Meez, 28 February 2007
Ok, so a week ago my sister Anne and Linda and I went to Boston's new ICA Museum to see Streb vs. Gravity (Great night out, btw). I mention this idea for an interactive art piece I want to do that would be perfect for the venue. It's flash based and includes animated characters. So today my sister then sent me this link to Meez. It was a bit addictive to sit there for 45 minutes and build my own personal Meez. 45 minutes of my day I won't get back, mind you. But along with a cup of coffee, it was a fun way to start the day. You can personalize it a number of different ways and can also create links for your blog or myspace. Fun. This one is close, glasses, dumb look on my face, cargo shorts, sandals and silly tshirt. Only thing missing is how to add a couple hundred pounds to Skinny Meez to make it more Realiztic Meez.

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Streb Defies Gravity at ICA Boston, 23 February 2007

My sister Anne treated Linda and I last night to a show at the new Institute of Contemporary Art museum in Boston. Lot's to point out in one post.

The facility is a design masterpiece with the use of space and location all in a dramatic structure that seems to grow from the edge of the Boston Harbor. When you first walk into the lobby, you are presented with a stunning peice on the lobby wall. To be rotated each year with a new work, the 40 foot wide wall this year sports a nymph farting faeries. It sets you up for what is a wonderful collection of contemporary works ranging from burnt wood to video.

The show was Streb vs. Gravity. All I can say is watch the video below and find out when they will be in your town. Incredible show. The last act was the large turning wheel against the open glass wall of the museum overlooking the harbor. I can just imagine what the airplanes landing at logan were thinking as they looked off to their right and saw this view with the blinding white light and people flying all over the wheel.

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Happy Valentine's Day, 14 February 2007

So call me corny, but I stumbled on something like this a year or so ago. A company that did DNA prints and Fingerprint prints as personalized artwork. I decided to go one better and do the work myself. Me and Linda. Unique but one.

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Chris Botti and Billy Kilson, 03 February 2007
Saw Chris Botti the other night with Linda. Her thoughtful birthday gift for me. The show was fantastic. Chris is energetic, and a showman. The first show highlight for me was A Thousand Kisses Deep based upon the song from one of my all time favorite song writers/poets, Leonard Cohen. (Botti's rendition, Cohen's)The next, without a doubt, was his drummer's solo. Billy Kilson is amazing. At one point I realized he wasn't playing any drums during the solo. It was all metal. His stands, his seat, his braces, the high hats. No drums though. You can see some of his skill in this video I found on YouTube.

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