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Play Like the Pros, 17 February 2006
Ok, this one was more luck than skill, but it's worth the post. It is a Flop, Turn and River...all from the Poker Gods, straight to my lap. This is the 150 NL on Stars tonight.

PokerStars Game #4007687321: Tournament #19613723, Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2006/02/17 - 21:35:31 (ET)

d'Amphoux: posts big blind 30

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to d'Amphoux [9h 9d]

I like this hand in the blinds or any late seat. I'm playing it for set value though if anyone starts in with a raise.

(UTG): calls 30
(MP) : raises 90 to 120
(BB) d'Amphoux: calls 90
(UTG): calls 90

Another 90? Ok. If I miss I may still have a play at the board if it is rags.

*** FLOP *** [9c 9s Kd]
Nice, quads. I'm praying the raiser has AK and raised too little preflop

d'Amphoux: checks
(UTG): checks
(MP): bets 90
d'Amphoux: calls 90
(UTG): folds
*** TURN *** [9c 9s Kd] [Kc]
Miracle Turn if he has any King

d'Amphoux: checks
(MP): checks
*** RIVER *** [9c 9s Kd Kc] [Ac]
Miraculous River if he has AK...could it be? I have to assume he will call a reasonable bet having been in this long, but if he doesn't have AK, I don't want him running. He played light the whole hand, so he could be underplaying AK, or have TT or any mid pair and just trying to stay on the offensive. Any King, or AK, he is reraising me. My read though is AK from the start. So I reasonable bet.

d'Amphoux: bets 270
(MP): raises 330 to 600
He did this almost instantaneously. It was obvious to me at this point he wanted me to push all in so he could proudly show his AK boat. So I did.

d'Amphoux: raises 780 to 1380 and is all-in
(MP): calls 710 and is all-in
*** SHOW DOWN ***
d'Amphoux: shows [9h 9d] (four of a kind, Nines)
(MP): shows [As Kh] (a full house, Kings full of Aces)
d'Amphoux collected 3175 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 3175 | Rake 0
Board [9c 9s Kd Kc Ac]
Seat 4: (MP) showed [As Kh] and lost with a full house, Kings full of Aces
Seat 8: d'Amphoux (big blind) showed [9h 9d] and won (3175) with four of a kind,

As luck would have it, an hour later I get a decent raise from the CO and reraise all in with KK. He has AA and I am out.

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Missy's Birthday!!, 16 February 2006
My youngest. My love. My shining star. Today was Melissa's birthday. She get's her ears pierced. Next year...the teen years. What will I do?

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Groove Salad, 15 February 2006
If you haven't tasted it yet, throw a dinner party and pipe in Groove Salad. It is a blend of electronic, jazz and house music ready for chill. As they say it, "A nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves."

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My Valentine's Day "Fantasy Date", 14 February 2006
So Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball...I'm going to make up a Fantasy Valentine's Day. Let me know how I do.

As some of you know, I am going through a divorce. Frankly, it's all for the better. I haven't been this happy and balanced for decades. There are three kids involved, and they are the best! They are supportive and kind and funny and loving. It's hard to explain, but in some sort of way, I decided to take this route so that they wouldn't have to live the lie that was going on around them. They can now love both their parents for what they are. Ok, enough said. The first thing I did for Valentine's day is send my three girls each a nice card. I have some little grab bags for them that they will get tomorrow when I see them. They are my first love!

My fantasy Valentine's Day date: Watching Casablanca the way it was supposed to be watched. In an old theater with a balcony. Sit in the balcony. Get a large popcorn to share, and watch one of the most romantic movies of all time on the silver screen. Where else around Boston, than do this than the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square. Lo and behold! They show Casablanca twice on Valentine's Day! You can't beat it. Sit in the balcony and listen to the crowd repeat the lines and chuckle at the wit. Then, if it is not icy cold, walk to John Harvard's Brewhouse for a Sampler of their beers. Typically 5 flavors on tap. Once that settles the popcorn, walk another block to Sandrine's. This Alsatian bistro is a fabulous restaurant. Be sure to try a Gewurztraminer wine. It has sweet, delicate, spicy flavors...but don't order desert! When you walked out of John Harvard's you walked right by Finale's. They specialize in desert. For a night cap...well, that's up to you. For me, it's watching the Olympics.

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Zach Braff...may he write and direct another, 13 February 2006
Zach Braff, from Scrubs fame, wrote and directed Garden State. How did I miss this movie before? It is a fresh look at a guy in pain living through a few days of life. It really is an absolutely wonderful film. It is quirky in a Scrubs sort of way, playing character studies throughout. Natalie Portman complements him totally. Worth the rental!

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Happy Birthday, 10 February 2006
42 years and I am finally happy. That is a Happy Birthday!

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Best Superbowl Ads, 06 February 2006
What was your favorite? Google posted a nice page of all the ads here.

Is $2.5 million for a 30 second spot worth the advertising dollar? This year’s Superbowl was right up there as far as ad quality. In my opinion, as a marketer, there were several that will get the almighty dollar returned in branding awareness.

Budweiser was cute, with a young Clydesdale trying to pull a carriage, unaware of its family pushing the cart from behind. But Bud advertises cause it has to. Their value for their ads are more a hostage fee for being who they are. If they don't advertise one year, maybe that would cause more buzz than if they do. Wouldn't that piss off the agency crowd. Three other favorites...Burger King: “Whopperettes”, Scott: Mike Ditka's Halftime Flush, and then Bud Light: On the Roof. What guy can't say he hasn't thought of the same thing?

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Anger by the Buddha, 01 February 2006
I have had a hard time with anger this year. Not yelling screaming anger, but festering, denying, remorseful anger. This writing by the Guatama Buddha, the spiritual founder of Buddhism, is an enlightening 5 minutes. Read it.

Give up anger; renounce pride;
transcend all worldly attachments.
No sufferings touch the person
who is not attached to name and form,
who calls nothing one's own.
Whoever restrains rising anger like a chariot gone astray,
that one I call a real driver;
others merely hold the reins.

Overcome anger by love; overcome wrong by good;
overcome the miserly by generosity, and the liar by truth.
Speak the truth; do not yield to anger;
give even if asked for a little.
These three steps lead you to the gods.

The wise who hurt no one, who always control their body,
go to the unchangeable place,
where, once they have gone, they suffer no more.
Those who are always aware, who study day and night,
who aspire for nirvana, their passions will come to an end.

This is an old saying, Atula, not just from today:
"They blame the person who is silent;
they blame the person who talks much;
they also blame the person who talks in moderation;
there is no one on earth who is not blamed."
There never was, nor ever will be, nor is there now
anyone who is always blamed or anyone who is always praised.

But the one whom those who discriminate praise
continually day after day as without fault,
wise, rich in knowledge and virtue,
who would dare to blame that person,
who is like a gold coin from the Jambu river?
That one is praised even by the gods, even by Brahma.

Be aware of bodily anger and control your body.
Let go of the body's wrongs
and practice virtue with your body.

Be aware of the tongue's anger and control your tongue.
Let go of the tongue's wrongs
and practice virtue with your tongue.

Be aware of the mind's anger and control your mind.
Let go of the mind's wrongs
and practice virtue with your mind.

The wise who control their body,
who control their tongue,
the wise who control their mind are truly well controlled.

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