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Clinton Presidential Portrait, 26 January 2006
The Clinton library today unveiled the official Clinton portrait.

"Here's a nice thing. You remember President Clinton, he had the heavy-set girl thing. He had a dog Buddy, who sadly died a couple of months ago. Well, President Clinton has gotten himself a new dog. You know, I think it's changing his life, kind of brightening him up. He's teaching the dog to sit up, to beg, to roll-over, you know, just like he did with the interns." óDavid Letterman

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What will 2025 be like?, 19 January 2006
81% of the world's toys are made there.
80% of the world's christmas ornaments are made there.
It consumes more grain steel and meat than any other country.
It plans to put a probe on the moon in 2007.
It mines and burns 25% of the world's coal, and in 2004 had 6000 mine workers killed.
It is the 3rd largest military budget behind the US and Russia.
By 2031, it has an appetite for oil larger than the world produces today.

India could be larger in 20 years. Interested in more?

Read more by Lester Brown

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Spiders or Teddy Bears, 18 January 2006
Ok, when I was a kid, I had a Black and White ragedy Panda Bear. It was comfy, old, smelly, and I liked sleeping with it. It got handed down to my siblings until finally my middle sister switched to a disgusting yellow "blanky". I have no idea what happened after the blanky, but I've just recently realized I may have a first. My youngest, Melissa, a huge, creative, energetic 11 (almost 12) year old, likes sleeping with a rubber spider. LOL! Yes. A tarantuala size rubber spider. You got me?

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Ben Franklin - the First Blogger, 17 January 2006
Ben Franklin's 300'th birthday is today. Poor Richard, Richard Saunders, Silence Dogood...was he the first blogger? And he was tempted, but gave to good judgement, to almost be one of the first famous vegetarians?

Franklin was an incredible innovator, diplomat and entrepreneur, but one idea he had has outlived its usefulness (in my humble opinion. Daylight Savings Time: While in Paris, Franklin was the first to propose the idea of Daylight Savings Time. By increasing the available amount of daylight during the summer and decreasing it during the winter season, Franklin hoped to provide the world with a greater opportunity of doing productive work during the summer months, as opposed to the cold and dreary days of winter.

Sorry, I see no benefit. In the world of electricity, lighting, most business starting between 8-9, and kids going to school around the same time. Who needs it! End Daylight Savings Time.

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540% ROI for the week, 15 January 2006
I know, only a week, but my new approach is paying off. I play sit-n-gos, otherwise known as ATMs, to earn the base earnings to play 5-7 multi-table-tourneys per day. I don't play the multis unless the sngs have paid for them. I made this decision based on 3 years of PokerTracker data. It showed me that my ROI in sngs was less than my ROI in mtt. So I thought I would spend a month experimenting. Yes, the rate of ruin is higher, the variance unbearable sometimes, but as long as I stick to the plan of only entering multis after I've earned the money through sngs, it seems to work. I stick to mid-priced sngs (20-50), and never a multi over 50. The first week's results, without any major wins in the multis, 540% ROI net for the week. By the way, a week is usually made up of 3 or 4 days of play. The rest of the time is family, friends, some real work, and looking for real work. Tomorrow. Work day, and I might write a poem.

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Play Like the Pros, 13 January 2006
I'm in the middle stages of a $50 sng. Blinds are 100-200. I'm on the button with AKs. Folded around to me. I want it to look like a steal, get a reraise and then put someone all in. So I make it 600. Fold. Call. Roh Roh! So I check my pokertracker stats on him and he has a so-so solid history with over 18 months of data, and not much of blind defense history.

Flop comes 2 K 7 rainbow. I think I'm in pretty good shape. Guy bets 600 into the 1300 pot. He has 1000 left. I've got him covered. I put him on a missing the flop, puting me on a steal, and trying to just pick it up. So I move all in. He calls, has 72s and types..."They were suited".

People, come on. It's MONEY!

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Bird Flu - Kill the Birds!, 12 January 2006
This interractive map at the Washington Post shows the spread of the bird flu.

ISTANBUL, Jan. 11 -- Preliminary tests show that the strain of bird flu virus that has stricken at least 15 people in Turkey has evolved in a way that could make it somewhat more hazardous to human beings, although it still lacks the capacity to be passed easily from person to person, international...

I like chicken, but I like myself better. Kill the Birds!

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My First Brew, 09 January 2006
I uncapped my first home brew today. I got a kit from Mr. Beer for christmas. It was very easy to use, and the end result... It tasted pretty good. It has inspired my friend, who bought the kit and who will drink a fare share of it, to purchase more supplies, and possibly more professional supplies. I discovered Strange Brew, a very good source on the internet and locally. It seems like a bit more of a project than the Mr. Beer kit, but the outcome should be higher quality.


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Day 3, 03 January 2006
15 for 22 in-the-money for sit-n-gos. I know this won't last forever, but it's been a decent start for the year. 4 multis, and only one minor payout. One question I have for anyone who can answer it. Where did all the Omaha 8 players go? Stars used to have plenty of tables going, over the past 4 months, I've noticed a significant decline. I thought it would pick up, not decline.

On the health front. Portions, portions, portions. Did you know that 32 Fritos is only 100 Calories? Not much of a treat, but it goes well with that healthy salad. Calories for the first 3 days: 2199, 1850 and 989 so far today. Try FitDay, great way to track calories and nutrition and it's free.

All gung-ho to dig into the job front today, but my email server is down :-(

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