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2005 .. Good Riddance, 31 December 2005
My last post of 2005. Good freaking bye 2005! Good Riddance

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High Tea for the Girls, 29 December 2005
My girls went to the Crumpets Tea Room today with the female relatives. I thought the picture was cute. My two oldest, Rebecca and Carolyn. Make fun of me all you want, but I believe the tradition of Tea is a wonderful way to spend the time with loved ones. I wish they had invited a couple of the men in the family.

While they did that I was able to place 3'rd in a $20 multi on Stars. Been a while since I've seen a 1'st, so I know it is on the way. The sit-n-gos keep paying for gas, food and multis...they are the ATM of online poker.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah, 25 December 2005
Had a great time last night and today. Spent Christmas Eve with my lovely girls. Although today they were visiting the the other half of the family. It was a bit melancholy...my first Christmas day without them. I got my share of kids though. I watched my niece and nephews open their gifts and play with toys all day. Beat my dad in Scrabble. Then Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Is there any better combo? Finished it up by lighting the manora. There is nothing better than watching a 3 year old recite the Hanukkah blessings in Hebrew. My favorite gift...my mother made me 3 collages, one of each of my daughters, at different ages. Love it!

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One of the Finest Women in The World, 23 December 2005
Congrats to my dear friend Mara and her new husband Ami. Mara is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Intelligent, charming, challenging, honest, cute, funny and beautiful. Mara and I worked together a few years ago when I was Chairman of Youth Tech Entrereneurs, she headed up their marketing team, and marketing being my forte', we spent lots of time debating colors, branding and demand generation. I loved working with her. She was always challenging, attentive, creative, and constantly on top of everything. She went on to get her MBA, where she meet Ami. The rest is history. Ami, you are a lucky man. Treat her well. Mazel Tov!

This photo is beautiful, she's happy and serious. What is she thinking?

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Time for New Years Resolutions, 19 December 2005
I make the same one every year, so this year I'll be different and spend a week or so thinking of a better one. I will admit right now that I have to start exercising instead of sitting in front of a computer or poker table all day. So that won't be my resolution, I'll just do it.

For those of you that want to lose weight, I found a site a couple years ago that is an absolute MUST if you are going to track your diet. It is FitDay -- you can track everything for free, including calories, fat, carbs, exercise and weight loss. It's amazing to really use it for a couple weeks and to document EVERYTHING. That small bag of Fritos, the Starbucks Latte, it all adds up. The feature I like the best is you can create a Dish with exact ingredients and portions and then everytime you make it, you can just select it and it adds the nutritional data to your log.

So keep watching for a New Years Resolution. Weightloss is just a gimme for me. It just has to get done.

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Cookies Cookies Everywhere, 18 December 2005
Spent the day baking cookies for the holidays. I was smart this year, I trippled each recipe and made the dough of each yesterday. Put them in plastic bags in the fridge over night, and then today I just made a production line in front of the oven. I ended up with about 3 dozen of each. Here are the recipes if you are interested. The pistachio are my favorite:

Peanut Butter Cookies
Red & Green Pistachio Cookies
Chocolate Striped Shortbread Cookies
Sparkling Raisin Molases Cookies

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Stars' Deep Stack Structures, 15 December 2005
PokerStars has led the pack again with a great addition to it's multi-table tourneys, the Deep Stack structure. If you click on the picture to the right, you can see the details. This particular one, which I am still in, is an Omaha 8 or Better limit tourney. We started with T$5,000 and the blinds were 20/40. They play more like the larger live tourneys. Right now, 2.5 hours into it, the average stack is still only T$6,400. It allows one to play the sort of game they would play when they travel to the big time. No rush, no crazy blind structures, less morons. Thank you Stars.

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No High Speed Internet Access in East Bum Fork?, 14 December 2005
Ok, so Negroponte is providing PC's and internet access for $100 a piece to developing countries. What are we doing for our own that are still in developing areas of the US? Rural communities? Low income? In typical American fashion, people have banded together to take matters into their own hands. West Virgina Broadband is a non profit that connects rural communities to high speed wireless connections. The costs are covered by the users in a co-op style "pay what you want" model. The workers are volunteer, even the help desk is run by the local hardware store manager who is just a geek at heart.

The government has set goals for itself, but what is it doing about it? The Rural Broadband Coalition lobbys for the cause and yet citizens just keep solving their own issues. How about a PC for Every US Child and affordable high speed connectivity for everyone in the US!?

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First it was Paul McCartney doing the Fidelity commercial, now Bob Dylan is doing a show on XM Radio. What is the world coming to? Is Howard Stern going to be considered for the next Supreme Court vacancy?

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Sick, 13 December 2005
My kids got it. I got it. It lasts 48 hours and then goes away. I hate winter colds.

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25 Great Discoveries, 11 December 2005
I was just at B&N shopping for some christmas gifts when I stumbled upon The Discoveries, by Alan Lightman. It took me 25 minutes before I put it down. It is now on my wish list. What a wonderful work written about such intricate subjects as this centuries greatest discoveries, and he does it by examining the inital papers that were published. Hope Santa puts one in my stocking.

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Who is Dane Cook's Agent/Publicist???, 04 December 2005

Ok, I'm not one to follow up and coming comics religiously, don't get me wrong..I LOVE a good comic. But this week, I hear about Dane Cook on NPR midweek. Then I read about him in a magazine. Then he is hosting Saturday Night Live. Who is this guy's Publicist?? I've been working on about 30 bits that someday I want to try on a live stage. When I do, I want to use the same publicist. I'm a marketing guy. Whatever this guy is doing, he's doing it right.

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Touch of Pink, 01 December 2005
Watched a cute movie tonight with a friend of mine. She insisted on something light, so we watched Touch of Pink. Kyle MacLachlan (of Twin Peaks fame) plays the spirit of Cary Grant as he helps the gay Alim, a muslim, deal with his visiting mother. Alim's struggle to come out to his mother generates fresh and hilarious situations as well as pain while the characters stumble all over each other. Worth the rent. Loved it.

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World Aids Day
Support World AIDS Day
Thinking of my Uncle Eddie today. Always laughing, always having fun...passed away on June 3, 1998. He was 51.

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Bad Photography Gone Good
Take the time to view this slide show of toy camera photographs. The defects of cheap manufacturing causing Light Leaks that are treasured for their dreamy application to the photos. As photographer Theresa Manzanares puts it..."bad photography gone good."

Since I'm on the topic of photography. Gotta love Spencer Tunick.

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