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Cheating...followup, 28 August 2005
Interestingly, as a followup to my earlier post, there was a response from Poker Stars in regard to an accusation of collusion in rgp. It explains how they investigate an accusation. Interestingly, I checked my records and although they play well, I was up against the two of them.

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Online Cheating, 23 August 2005
I'm asked all the time about cheating online, does it exist, have you been cheated, what do you do, etc... I stumbled upon this aged RGP article by Abdul Jalib, which is IMHO a very straightforward post on noticing collusion online. My advice to players regarding online collusion: if you think it is happening, get up and move. Just as if you were in a B&M poker room and felt that the way the table was playing reflected possible collusion or team play, get up and change tables. It is that simple. Usually the casino will catch on, especially if true cheat techniques were being used.

Should you report cheating? That is your decision to make, but I hope you make the right one. Most casinos, both online and B&M do act upon tip offs. I have seen one table in a B&M go from a total action table with a few guys benefiting to a ring of security checking the cards, and interviewing the players. Same thing online. You hear about it on RGP quite a bit from someone who was inocently chatting with a friend, but someone reported them, the site checked into it and the fact and restricted the two from playing together. The fact that a couple friends get restricted from playing with each other isn't all that bad. It shows that at least something is happening behind the scenes.

For additional reading on the subject, an interesting post on the subject from the mad genius of poker himself, Mike Caro, covers some actual issues pertaining to poker cheats and the action of some to expose them. It is dated, but interesting.

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9 No More, 02 August 2005
(C) Copyright Scientific American, August 01, 2005
NINE NO MORE: Astronomers have spotted a planet larger than Pluto in the far reaches of our solar system. Roughly three times farther away than Pluto, the new planet is the most distant known object in the solar system and the third brightest member of the Kuiper Belt. Near-infrared spectra show signs of methane ice on the planet's surface, indicating that it has not been warmed significantly since the birth of the solar system some 4.5 billion years ago. The discoverers have proposed a name for the new planet to the International Astronomical Union and are awaiting its decision.

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