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Harnessing Wind Energy from Cars, 30 April 2007
Snipped from Archinect.com, this article shows a brilliant application of harnessing wind energy -- "Average vehicle speeds on the valley highways are approximately 70 mph. Using average annual wind speeds of 10 mph as a baseline, each single wind turbine will produce 9,600KwH of energy, annually (enough to fully power my 700 s.f. apartment). This power production estimate will increase exponentially with an increase in wind turbulence speed. I believe that the wind stream created over the freeways by our primary mode of transportation will create an average annual wind speed well beyond the baseline of 10 mph."

My modification to the proposal? Install the turbines underneath existing overpasses thus reducing the construction costs. Also, there is some discussion that the addition of a turbine above a freely moving freeway will reduce some working drag that is benefiting the car already, thus reducing the efficiency of said fuel. By placing them on existing overpasses, the loss of drag already is taken by the overpass. The turbine can harness the effect of the vehicle pushing and pulling through the space below the overpass.

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